Awards Party! Saturday Jan 12, 2013

I know, I know, it’s been along time and most of you have either forgotten about or given up on the Cap City STXC awards party. ALAS! There is some good news!

I’m here to inform you all that there is still going to be an awards party, run in conjunction with the Cap City Cross awards party!

We’ll be doing podiums for the top 3 finishers in each category!

A quick note however, and I apologize immensely about this. The overall points are as they stand. I’ve fixed as much as possible, but at this point they are what they are. I know we said last race was worth double points, but we had so much confusion between the person who did the results and myself that I am unable to fix and/or change anything right now.

I promise that we’ll have everything worked out and fixed next season.

Also, if you finished in the top 3 in two separate categories, you are going to be given scored for the lowest, or most difficult, category in which you appear. (Example: if you finished 3rd in the cat 3 and 3 and the cat 2/3, you’ll appear on the podium for the cat 2/3)

Just a refresher on the the top three for each Category!

  • Cat 3 Women – Pei-I Wu, Jen Huckett, Rhonda Wamsley
  • Cat 3 Men -David Aufdencamp, Richard Hamrick, Don Stoeckel
  • Cat 2/3 Men – Noah Hutson, Joel Ronschke, Tony Mellott
  • Cat 2/3 Women – Kari Hutson, Jillian Hall, Ginger Ballard
  • Junior  – Max Stoeckel
  • Single Speed – John Draskovic, Joe Deloss, Alex Kinney
  • Cat 1/2/3 Women – Nancy Henderson, Kayla Starr, Jennifer Peters
  • Cat 1/2/3 Men – Spencer Hackett, Phil Noble, Garth Prosser

We’re going to be getting together Saturday Jan. 12, 2013! Where, you ask? Cafe Brioso!

Pass the word, tell your friends, get excited! I’ll also have some good news for the 2013 season!

Mark it on those calendars! and come hang out and have a few post season drinks and snacks! We’ll be celebrating the 2012 season in it’s entirety by sharing the evening the 2012 Cap City Cross series and preparing for the trip to Louisville for the 2013 World Championships of Cyclocross.

Email me for questions! Thanks,


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